Award Categories and Entry

The Awards are divided into four categories, including “Commercial”, “Non-commercial” (such as NGOs and schools), “Government Departments” and “LegCo Members”. All websites using .hk domain names are eligible to participate.

The websites of “Government Departments” appearing on HKSAR Government Organisation Chart and the websites of “LegCo Members” appearing on the LegCo Members’ Contact Directory are automatically included at the call-for-entry stage.

Local enterprises and organisations can complete the Entry Form for enrolment. Nominations for the Awards are being accepted now. Any parties who would like to nominate entries for the “Commercial” and “Non-commercial” award category can fill in the Nomination Form or email to on or before 1 March 2019.

Prizes in Different Sectors

Award winners will be highly recognised across the local community. They will receive the following prizes#


  • Receive trophies (Gold / Silver / Bronze) or certificates


  • Display the official logo of the Awards on their promotional materials


  • Participate in various events or campaigns to publicise their achievements


  • Participate in sharing, networking and speaking engagements
Commercial Category
(Corporate & SME)

Corporate (with ≥ 100 employees):
Trophies or certificates


SME (with < 100 employees):
Trophies or certificates, & cash HK$4,000 – HK$10,000

Non-commercial Category
(Corporate & SME)

Corporate (with ≥100 employees):
Trophies or certificates, & cash HK$4,000 - HK$10,000


SME (with < 100 employees):
Trophies or certificates, & cash HK$4,000 – HK$10,000

Government Departments Category

Trophies or certificates

LegCo Members Category

Trophies or certificates

# Note: Winners of other relevant awards such as The Most Honorable Award, The Most Liked .hk Website Award, The Best New Website, The Best Nominator Award, etc. will receive trophies only. Further details in the aforesaid 4 categories will be announced in due course.

Judging Criteria
Overall Design and Functionality
(e.g. good design and ease of navigation, etc)
(e.g. online game, etc)
Use of Social Media
(e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc)
(e.g. “Web Care” elements, catering for the needs of the disabled, elderly, etc)


Staff members of HKIRC, HKIRC Board members, Consultative and Advisory Panel; HKIRC-accredited registrars, service partners, sponsors, supporting organisations and partners, judges, judging criteria advisory panel, vendors and related affiliates involved are not eligible to enter the Awards.
“Non-commercial” category means NGOs, eligible schools and charitable organisations, etc. HKIRC reserves the rights to reallocate a submission to the most appropriate category if necessary.
The winning entries of Gold/ Silver/ Bronze awards in previous years are allowed to enter the Awards again. However, significant changes or enhancements on the websites are required for this year's entry.
Winner(s) who receives the “Most Honorable Award” this year is not allowed to enter the Awards again next year.
HKIRC reserves the right to make the final decision on any issues and disputes about the Awards program.